Doms of Club Mystique Box Set

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Doms of Club Mystique Box Set

The Doms of Club Mystique, Volume 1 (All 3 books for $3.99)

In To Love and Obey, Addison Mathews claimed Cade Ramsey at a young age, and since then he has been the only man she has ever loved. Cade is a Dom that believes love can’t be trusted, though he gives up his former lifestyle to marry Addison. As Addison discovers Cade’s secrets, their relationship is strained, but just as they are working things out, an old enemy of Cade’s attempts to take his revenge on Addison. Cade must fight to save her and their future.

In Jackson’s Sub, Jackson Ramsey and Jenna Parnelle spend a passionate night together, but a misunderstanding disrupts what might be love. A year later, Jenna finds herself dreading their reencounter as she helps her friend Addison prepare to marry Jackson’s brother. Jackson has learned he could never hurt the only woman he has ever loved, but he knows he must convince Jenna to uncover her guarded heart. Can the determined Dom persuade the stubborn submissive?

In Their Temporary Sub, Logan Ramsey knows Cassie Edwards is the one woman who could satisfy both him and his twin brother Luc, but Luc doesn’t trust the secretive beauty. Cassie blames herself for her father’s death and keeps her distance from loved ones to protect them. As her attraction to them grows, she must decide if she can be their temporary sub without endangering them. All bets are off when the twins discover her secrets and swear to protect her from the men who killed her father.