her viking dom

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Doms of Club Mystique 7

Thor Larkin did the one thing he swore he’d never do during a mission…he dropped his guard and gave into his desire for a woman. A night of passion with Marisol Rios ended when Carlos Mendez’s men broke into their room.

Held in the filthy hold of a ship, Thor protects Marisol by drawing Mendez’s rage away from her and toward himself. The beatings he’s taken have left him injured and burning with fever.

Marisol can’t stop Thor from protecting her, but she can keep him from pushing Mendez too far. The last thing she wants is to be separated from Thor, or to have him sacrifice his life to save hers.

Thor always believed he'd never love a woman as much as he loves his freedom, but Marisol’s faith in him, and her determination to survive, have cracked the walls around his heart. With time running out, he’s forced to face his feelings for her. Is it lust? Love? Or, both?

Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Romance, M/F, HEA