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Question: Does Mardi have a blog?

Answer: Well, sort of. You can read my small blog on Goodreads or on my author page at Amazon. You’ll find the links at the bottom of this and every page on my website. (Opportunity is knocking so answer the call and follow me on either, or even both places - actually I’d love it if you followed me on both!) You won’t regret it, and as a bonus when you follow me on my Amazon author page you’ll be the first to know when one of my new books is available on Amazon.

Question: I wonder what Mardi reads?

Answer: Aw, oh! You can find out the answer on my Bookbub author page. The link is below, and boy, are you going to be surprised!

Question: I see that Mardi has a newsletter but I really hate having them pop up on my email every day! Should I take a chance and join?

Answer: Definitely! My newsletter is called Mardi Maxwell’s Blue Moon Newsletter for a reason! I only send one out when I have a new book being released or when I’m running a contest for some neat giveaways…like copies of my books in digital and/or paperback, jewelry or something else connected to one of my books, and other swag you might want to get your hands on (pens, keychains, credit card holders, and wristbands to name a few). Oh, and when you sign-up you’ll receive an eBook novella FREE. Can’t beat FREE!

I think that’s it for now other than I have a new book coming out in the Zarronian Warriors series, Rolf’s Bondmate, in March 2019.

Which reminds me. Would you like to be a beta reader for one of my books before it comes out? If so, use the contact form and let me know that you’re a member of Booksprout. I’ll get right back to you!

In the meantime, be well and happy reading,