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Soren’s Bondmate

Soren Valanson is a fierce Zarronian warrior but he’s also a level six when it comes to bonding and finding a compatible female. An impossible task as no known level six females have ever been found. With his mating fever nearing its end he leaves Zarronia and travels to an unexplored galaxy where his starship is attacked. During the battle to save his crew Soren’s starglider is damaged and crashes to a small frozen planet.

Krystali enchantress, Skye Ka-Hal is hiding from would-be kidnappers who want to claim her powers for their own. She’s one of the few Krystali females who can manipulate the elements and produce dark krystal, a powerful weapon. When she sees an object crash near her home she investigates and finds an injured warrior in the wreckage. He’s dying but she can save him if she takes a risk and claims him without his full consent. A deed that will end in her death if its discovered by the Krystali Kouncil.