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Thorn’s Bondmate

Reporter Daria Zane is on the run from men who want her dead. Her only hope of survival depends on reaching Zarronia, but that means risking her life by stowing away on a Zarronian starship and hoping she isn’t caught, charged with espionage, and executed.

A past betrayal by a female turned Thorn Valanson into a ruthless, unforgiving warrior. Commander of the Zarronian starship, Invincible, he’s vowed to protect his peoples’ mating secrets from spies. Especially female spies.

Can love overcome secrets, lies, and betrayal?

Note: The reader will enjoy this series more if they read them in the order they were written.

REVIEWS for Thorn’s Bondmate

4 Stars

As similar as the Zarronian male lead characters are (tough guys with zero understanding of women), she writes different female characters and different plot lines surrounding the mating fever circumstances. Thorn's story was not a carbon copy of Valan's, and I expect Soren's story might be even better. ~Amazon Reviewer

4.5 Stars

…There was so much more to this novel. The underlying emotion was love. Love for family, friends, and the galaxy where they live. Perfect addition to my growing library and I highly recommend you read this book. ~Amazon Reviewer

5 Stars

This story tells of Thorn (alien) who, already betrayed by his first mate, has accidentally mated with Daria (Earthling), who may be a spy. They have many ups & downs individually, & together. There is enough action to keep you flipping pages; enough romance, & lovers angst to keep you sighing; & enough twists, & turns to keep you guessing. You won't regret reading either book, but once you read one you will definitely want the other. Hats off to the author, great job! ~Amazon Reviewer