Zarronians Warriors

Valan’s Bondmate

Valan Eirikson lost his mother and twin sister when the Wrothians attacked Zarronia and killed all of the Zarronian females. Years later, his mating fever is reaching its zenith and without a compatible female his death is imminent.

Then the Zarronian Council announces that they've discovered that the Wrothian females are compatible. Valan refuses to take one as a mate until he's given an, or be exiled to the Zarronian mountains to die alone in dishonor. Enraged, he reluctantly relents, captures a female and bonds with her while swearing he'll never treat her as a beloved bondmate.

Lia Ad-San is the daughter of the Wrothian leader who ordered the attack on Zarronia. In her culture females are raised to be obedient and to accept being traded to a powerful warrior for political gain, but Lia has a mind of her own.

Even though she's young, and inexperienced when it comes to the world away from her small village, she's determined to be loved and to have a family of her own. A dream that's challenged when she finds herself bonded to Valan, and fighting his pride and anger for his love.

Note from the author: the reader will enjoy this series more if they read them in the order they were written.