During a war in the Xenti galaxy the Zarronians’ most hated enemy, the Wrothians, discovered their most carefully guarded secret – Zarronian males carry a mating fever that forces them to bond with a compatible female, or face death when it blazes out of control. Armed with this knowledge the Wrothian leader, Selik ad-San, ordered a bio-weapon attack on Zarronia that resulted in the deaths of the Zarronian females.

Enraged and grieving, the Zarronian warriors fought a relentless battle, determined to take their enemy to the grave with them. After many battles, thousands of Zarronian warriors were lost, and only a few Wrothian warriors remained, along with two damaged worldships inhabited by Wrothian females and children. The Zarronians allowed the two ships to escape while they returned home to await extinction.

Eventually, the Zarronians’ will to survive grew and a search for compatible females began. The search ended when the Zarronian Council discovered that the females of the Wrothians were compatible. They ordered the warriors, who’d grown up hating the Wrothians who’d killed their mates, mothers and sisters, to locate the Wrothians, raid the planet, capture a female, and bond with her. The warriors initially refused but relented when they were threatened with exile to the mountains of Zarronia to die alone, in disgrace. In one night, they raided Zhang, captured hundreds of Wrothian females and bonded with them, while swearing they’d never honor them as beloved bondmates.